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Manga Database Review

Review Added: 2015-12-22
Updated on: 2016-06-21

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Site introduction

Manga Database is a great place if you are a fan of Japan and English Manga featuring babes in wild hardcore comics action.  Manga is a little different then Anime as it is mostly in comic book form and also drawn in black and white with usually a small team writing the stories and designing the toons.  It can be very graphic and certainly is for adults and not children.  Manga Database has a huge selection of comics for you to enjoy and updates several times a week.  The site main focus is gender girl Manga but they also have a large section of shemale Manga or Dick Girls as they are usually called when talking about the Manga Niche.

At the time of this review there is about 70 Comics for Dick Girls and well over 1000 comics for the gender girl Manga combining both English and Japan Manga.  So you can see the main focus is the girls but I still think it is worth a look see, I like girls and dick girls so it all works for me.  You also get access to several other Hentai type toon sies and there are more shemales to enjoy there as well.

Manga Database Gives You Access To A Network Including:

  • Hentai X Shemales - Shemale Hentai Movies and Photos
  • Hentai Movie - General Hentai Movies and Photos
  • Hentai Cinema - More Hentia Porn Content
  • Hentai Games
  • 3D Super Models - 3D Porn Cartoons
  • Comic Database - Fun Naughty Porn Comics
  • Flash Games
  • Hentai Sugars - Hentai Porn Movies and Pics
  • Gay Hentai Exposed - Gay Hentai
  • Hentai Tube X - Hentai Movies

So as you can see you will get access to a whole lot of Hentai type toon porn, a great deal for some amazing content.

The Videos

Manga Database is a comics site so the main focus is on the Manga Comics and no movies are present on this site.  However, the bonus sites you get access to, many of them do have movies including Hentai X Shemales which has lots of naughty Dick Girl Movies.

The Photos

Manga Database as stated above has a nice selection of Manga Dick Girl Comics.  You can download the whole set to your computer or view the comics online by clicking on the thumbnails. There is also a slideshow feature and the option to see the thumbnails in different views.  Manga Comics usually have a wild story, lots of cum and big giant cock girls.  Many of the stories the girl magically gets this big cock and has to use it, its typical Hentai action where many of the girls are innocent but just have to have sex, however very graphic which brings it out of the Hentai world and more into the Manga Univerise.  Unlike American comics you read Japan Manga from right to left, not all of them but most of them.

Most Manga comics are in black and white like the comic images in this review.  Sometimes the cover of the comic will be in color but it is rare to find a full comic book in Manga being completely in color.


  • Access To A Huge Hentai Network
  • Amazing Manga Comics
  • Frequent Updates
  • Dick Girl Section


  • Manga Database has well over 1000 comics but only about 70 Comic Books are Dick Girls
  • No Videos On Manga Database

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  • Access to Huge Hentai Network
  • Easy Access to Dick Girl Section
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