TS Seduction is what I like to call an Ultimate Fantasy site. Instead of your typical fuck movie they take it a step farther, a big step farther.  These are porn movies with an actually story to them.  It could be a guy in prison getting down with a shemale, could be your boss is actually a shemale, could be the schoolgirl you are teaching has a cock in her panties or perhaps that hooker you called is all about domination.  There are so many types of fantasy roleplay here you are sure to love it.

The movies are the best part by far on this site.  The acting is passable, the movie sets are amazing, the shemale hardcore is wicked and the Shemale Models are super hot.  The movies are very long some going up to 65 minutes in length and most of that is sexual action.  They do use a lot of the same models, seems they find a shemale that is a good fit for this type of site and she gets a lot of work. 

Mostly American Shemales such as Yasmin Lee, Jessica Host, Sarina Valentine, Eva Lin and much more.  They have a few Brazilian scenes but it is the American Tgirls that really make this site stand out, they must feel really comfortable on these sets because they fuck like you have never seen before.


UPDATE April 2012: New Review, New Video Montage and Photos Added, New Score.


No Bonus sites are included. You do get access to the full mobile version and the site itself has years of hot content.


As I stated above the videos are awesome.  A cool fantasy roleplay story line, hot shemales, amazing location sets and great shemale sex.  You can download the movies in a number of formats including High Definition, Lower Format and iPod, iPhone and other smart Mobile devices.  You have the option of downloading or watch by streaming the whole movie at once or breaking it down into clips.  I must say out of all the sites out there I like TS Seduction videos the best; of course the final decision is yours.  Right now the site has about 350 videos and growing.

Also for the English speaking crowd it is a nice addition to be able to hear a tranny dominate you in English and understand what she is saying.  I am not saying Brazilian Domination isn't hot but it is a nice bonus hearing the Shemales in English giving you orders! I do find some of the male models a little to femme in my opinion, also I am not a big fan of the interviews at the end of the film about their experiences, kills the fantasy a little bit.

Videos include but not limited to the following action:

  • Fantasy Roleplay
  • Domination
  • Bondage
  • Rimming
  • Orgy
  • Girls and Shemales
  • Cumshots
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Shemale Fucks Guys (Lots)
  • Guys Fuck Sheamles (Little)
  • Cock Sucking
  • Gloryhole
  • Feet Play
  • More Kink

The photos sets are basically screen shots during the movie; however the video or photo camera they are using must be pretty good because they come out pretty nice.  You might get the occasional blur but all and all they are well done.  On average the number of photos per set is about 200 images some have more and some have less.  You can download them in zip format or watch them online by clicking on their thumbnails in low or high resolution.

  • PROS
  • Long Movies Some Up To 60 Minutes
  • Amazing Action
  • High Quality Porn Production
  • Shemales Are Verbal Abusive
  • Lots Of Content
  • Occasional Cam Shows
  • Popular Shemale Pornstars
  • Model Database
  • Rating and Fourms
  • CONS
  • Mobile Version Plays Videos Not Photos
  • Few Blurry Images
  • No Model Contact Info

You can JOIN TS SEDUCTION  by either credit card, check or a number of international options. The transaction is safe and secure and the name C.E. LLC will appear on your credit card statement to keep your joining discreet.


The options to join are as follows:


  • $29.95 USD Dollars Per Month
  • $59.95 USD Dollars  Every 3 Months (Save $29.90)
  • $97.75 USD Dollars Every 6 Months (Save $81.75)
  • $169.95 USD Dollars For 1 Year (Save $189.45)


Of course these are the prices at the time of this review and may change in the future.


I believe that TS Seduction is a very unique site.  The work that goes into their movies is amazing.  With the elaborate movie sets, the story line, the fantasy roleplay and the amazing Tranny Hardcore it really can't be beat.  The shemales that are chosen to work on the site do a great job and to me it almost seems to me they are having a blast on this site and their hard cocks show it. 

The have great user interaction with Forums and Comments.  They have also just added a new feature where you have a live scheduled show every month with one of the shemales as well.  The only big failing that might turn some people off is the amount of models.  They do not have a lot of shemale models but instead focus on a few, but those few have lots and lots of content.  In any case I really enjoy this site and recommend it to anyone; the movies alone make it one of my top choices.

Thanks from the TS Seduction Review.

tranny domination
  • 1. Content Quality = 90
  • 2. Content Amount = 88
  • 3. Updates to Site = 85
  • 4. Navigation and Look = 86
  • 5. Video Downloads = 95
  • 6. Worth the price = 91
  • 7. Mobile Abilities = Full
  • 8. Bareback Content = Very Little
  • 9. Bonus Sites = None
  • 10. Final Score = 90
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