If you have never heard of Shemale Yum then you should probably consider yourself new to the Shemale Industry.  This site has existed for well over 17 years and is known to many as one of the first if not the first real shemale porn site.  The site consists of mostly North American Transsexuals but you will also get Tgirls from South America, Europe, Asia and pretty much everywhere in the world.  The site has a combination of amateur girls trying to get into the business all the way to your professional shemale model favorites.

One aspect I really enjoy is you can watch many of the shemale model's careers right before your eyes.  See them when they were just starting out and how they transformed throughout the years.  It is amazing how some of these girls change from year to year. Shemale Yum is updated on a constant basis and probably has one of the biggest collections of shemales you will find on the Internet. It is the flagship of the Grooby Empire which consists of quite a few tranny paradises. Right now the site has over about 1300 models, 418 000 photos and is working its way to 3000 videos.  That is a lot of content to go through and well worth the price of admission.


There is no bonus sites with Shemale Yum however you do get access to a bonus video each week from other sites in the Shemale Yum Empire.  With so much content it is no surprise the site does not have bonus videos.  This site is twenty times the size of most porn sites out there.


All newer videos are now in HD MP4 movie format and you can download them in high or lower format.  You also have the ability to watch the video online using their streaming player.  If you are just interested in the cumshot they usually have a mini video that just features the final sticky shot.  Of course the older movies on the site might not have the quality as the newer ones, it is quite obvious that videos produced 14 years ago probably are not as up to today's standards.  However, most of them are still fun to watch and Shemale Yum has kept up to day throughout the years with giving you a strong video product.

Shemale Yum does not limit itself to having one video producer.  There are many shooters across the world that shoots these lovely girls so you should expect different video perspectives.  I enjoy this because it keeps the site fresh with new eyes shooting the content. I am sure you will find some favorites.  You also have the ability to comment and rate each video set to discuss it with other fellow members.  Shemale Yum has a wide range of solo and hardcore content and usually the newer videos range from about 10 to 15 minutes on average with some being much larger and some being of course a little smaller.

The videos include but not limited to the following types of content:


  • Shemale Stroking
  • Hardcore Sex
  • Bareback Sex (only a little)
  • Big Cocks
  • Roleplay
  • Lesbians
  • Cumshots, Facials
  • Amateur and Pro Pornstars
  • Toys and Dildos
  • Foot Play
  • Fetish
  • So Much More

All the video sets also come with a photo set for you to enjoy.  You can view the images online by clicking the thumbnails or download the zip file to your computer for future enjoyment.  Much like the videos the quality of the newer material is much better than the content 17 years ago but saying that even the old stuff to this reviewer is pretty hot.  Usually a photo set will consist on average about 100 to 150 photos.  Once again you can rate and comment the set and discuss the sexy shemale with other members.

  • PROS
  • Huge Database Of Shemale Porn
  • Updated Frequently
  • Huge Model Database
  • Store Favorites
  • Good Quality
  • MP4 Videos
  • Many Models Have Multiple Scenes
  • CONS
  • No Full Mobile Site Version
  • Though lots of Pro Shemale Pornstars some might not like the Amateur Girls
  • Some Photographers not as good as others

You can JOIN SHEMALE YUM by either Credit Card, Online Check or even by billing your telephone.  The transaction is safe and private and is performed through CCBill or EPOCH which are both trusted online processors. Your Credit Card Statement will not make reference to a shemale site but instead just state Millennium T.

Review Shemales Discount Prices:

  • $35.99 USD Dollars per month recurring
  • $71.99 USD Dollars per 90 days recurring (1 Bonus Month Deal)
  • $125 USD Dollars per 6 months recurring (Just Over 20 Dollars a Month)
  • $250 USD Dollars For Full Year (Just 12 Dollars a Month)


Shemale Yum uses a feature called local billing so depending on where you are in the world your price may look a little different.

Of course these prices are at the time that this review was created and may change in the future.


One thing you can't fault Shemale Yum on is the amount of content.  They have a huge database of shemales that will keep you going for a long time.  As you are going through that database they are also constantly updating the site with new and fresh exclusive content.  There are many extra features such as rating, comments and even a forum to chat about your favorite or not so favorite shemales. Shemale Yum is a little unique since it also has a lot of amateur shemales.  This could be a con or a pro depending on your own personal tastes.  Some find the amateur girls a little too amateur while others really love the new fresh babes coming into the porn scene.  In any case if you are not an amateur fan then no worries as there is so many shemale pornstars to choose from.

I particular enjoy watching the careers evolve.  You can see some of the Tranny Super Stars of today when they were younger and you can literally watch as they transform throughout the years with many of them. Shemale Yum is highly recommended by this reviewer and every Shemale fan should probably join it at least once to see what it is all about.

Thank you from the Shemale Yum Review.

cum for shemales
  • 1. Content Quality = 80
  • 2. Content Amount = 99
  • 3. Updates to Site = 95
  • 4. Navigation and Look = 83
  • 5. Video Downloads = 90
  • 6. Worth the price = 94
  • 7. Mobile Abilities = movies
  • 8. Bareback Content = Little
  • 9. Bonus Sites = 0
  • 10. Final Score = 91
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