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Ladyboy Gold

ladyboy gold reviewThe next site in my review pool that I have updated is Ladyboy Gold. This site is fast becoming one of my favorite Asian Transsexual sites. They have even more girls since my last review and after talking to the owner there will be more on the way. They have added a great new section where they walk the streets and bars taking images of the most beautiful ladyboys I have ever seen. Some are hookers while others are just dancing drunk ladyboys that are looking to have a hot time.


ladyboy gold review


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15 Responses to Ladyboy Gold

  1. LadybyoyGoldOwner says:

    Thank you for reviewing my site! Always like to hear feedback from members on making my site the best it can be. We find and shoot all our Ladyboys ourselves and enjoy every part of it.

    Just wanted to note that we’re always adding new exclusive movies and photos in the members area, and the candid archives. The site is growing like crazy!

    And the next group of Ladyboy superstars are coming soon to LadyboyGold.

  2. reviewman says:

    No Problem thanks for taking the time, see you in Thailand Soon!

  3. john says:

    You were right on with this one man, joined today they have great stuff, just great!

  4. len says:

    although this site does have beautiful ts girls, i found ladyboygold to be boring. i think it would be helpful to a buyer to let customers know what type of videos will be available. the man in the ladyboygold videos never reciprocates the ladys with a bj and never shows his face (maybe that’s a good thing). i prefer extremeladyboys, where you can see much more variety in the videos. you can always fast forward if it’s not your thing to see a guy give a beautiful girl a bj but at least you have a choice. ladyboygold’s videos are pretty much all the same, either solo or guy getting a bj then fucking a t girl. the few featuring two t girls are a welcome departure. i didn’t renew my subscription.

  5. reviewman says:

    Hello Len, Thank you for the comment. I would agree for those that want to see guys sucking ladyboy cocks then yes Gold is lacking in that regard. I am surprised you found the site boring though, they are my highest resubscription site. Since they give you bareback no condom sex, a nice mixture of amateur girls and even lesbian and solos stuff they have a lot to offer. Also the outfits, rooms on gold give you that more pro feeling and then they have the dirty hotel type room sex for the more amateur side of things, it si a nice mix. However I do see your point, it is funny you mention Extreme as I have often heard that many people cant stand seeing that same guy in the videos. It is not easy to get male actors in thailand to show their faces on screen though.

    I talked to the owner today though and he says coming in May of 2011 he will be adding new scenes where the guy will be sucking the ladyboy cock and even getting fucked by the ladyboys, so perhaps in the future you can give it a chance again. Personally I love Ladyboy Gold, think for an overall ladyboy package they are one of the top if not the top ladyboy site. But extreme and others are cool too.

    Thanks again

  6. LBLover says:

    I am compelled to write down a few words in response to “reviewman” while I came here looking for some Ladyboy site reviews. First of all, thanks to the creator of the website for doing a great job…though most review sites are purely ad-driven and only ranks the ones which pays them most, I do agree with most of the rankings and remarks here. Though there might still be more praises for the sites that might be paying you for advertisements, but I still agree with lot of your positive reviews for sites like ShemaleJapan, Ladyboy69,LadyboyGold and Extreme Ladyboys.

    Now coming back to what above poster “lens” mentioned and your subsequent response to it , I think what’s really compelling about sites like Extreme Ladyboys is that the actor ( though its the same guy as you complained 😉 ) gives his absolute best shot to ensure that the lovemaking session with the ladyboys are as erotic and passionate as possible. This is achieved through not only being pleasured by the LB but also by returning back the pleasure through mindblowing passionate blowjob to the T-Girl, giving her an Ass Rimming etc. As it takes two to tango, lovemaking sessions looks more compelling to most viewers like me if both parties are equally involved. I am NOT a big fan of ‘guy being poked in the ass by the ladyboy genre’ :p ,so I am not even asking for ‘ladyboy fucking guy’ videos; but I do enjoy seeing LB’s getting sucked and rimmed before they are fucked in the ass. May be that’s why I agree with lens in his comments on the ‘one sided’ lovemaking which after a certain point of time do get very tedious !!!
    That said , what’s really going for ladyboygold is their frequent updates which makes the membership worthwhile. Hope you take my feedback positively :)

  7. CrazyRomeo says:

    Hi reviewman..I do agree with “lens’s” comment above… If you don’t show the guy pleasuring the LB orally ( blowjob, ass rim !! ) and show fucking only, it does get tedious. I had LadyboyGold mem long time back and did notice such a trend.. To me pleasuring my partner is equally important in the lovemaking part :p , hence also seem to enjoy such ‘actions’ on screen. But I am no fan of LB poking the guys ass…. Strict no no for me 😀 That’s where Extreme LB scores well on my report card, though they tend to use the same Double O.. Lol !! That said ..good to see they ( LadybouGold) are improving with contents and updates( most important if u take a membership , especially long term ! ) Reviewman .. Any idea if their video are still same? Guy getting BJ followed by ass fucking ? Or the owner has lived up to his promise of changes from May onwards? Cheers !!!

  8. reviewman says:

    Gold continues to produce the same type of content they had before
    1. Bareback
    2. Lesbians
    3. Point of View Shoots (no face of the guy)
    4. Amateur Homemade Ladyboy Shoots bonus site
    5. Then they have branched out and now work with another guy who shoots hardcore scenes that do show the guy, there is guys fucking ladyboys and yes ladyboys fuckiing guys as well, not a huge collection yet and even a bit of bisexual stuff in those videos in which the owner was unsure if he wanted to show as it is not for everyone. I just didnt bother to watch that one video haha.. I would say the majority will still be guy getting bj followed by ass fucking with the occasional hardcore with faces, lesbians and amateur girls thrown in there.

  9. reviewman says:

    What I always loved about Gold is the guys that make it are true ladyboy fans and try really hard to give quality stuff. I am not trying to push any site more then the other but I get the most positive feedback from gold but as always it is the surfers final decision:)

  10. reviewman says:

    Yeah this comment went into my spam folder and I just now caught it. sorry for the delay on it.

    Thanks for the praises, I actually don’t get paid for any advertisements but I do have banners that go out to make me a couple bucks if someone joins under my site and find my reviews useful.
    So people actually got to join for any change that might come my way hehe and I rate the sites on two things, how much I love the site and how much I think another ladyboy or shemale fan might enjoy it. As with any review there will be those that agree and those that disagree but I hope the reveiws help everyone.

    Yeah I am sick of the guy a bit in Extreme LAdyboys, but he is just a prop for the ladyboy so I deal with it… :)

    The one sided love making is tougher in the ladyboy world, not every guy wants to be on video in Asia as the rules there are much stricter especially for foreigners , some sites fly the talent in and them fly them out, others are more brave like the Extreme LB guy, everyone likes something different so that is why I have the review site, you might not agree with my ratings or which one comes first or second or last but at least you get to see some of the content, my thoughts and let you decide for yourself:) All the sites you mentioned I like and are probably the top 4 asian shemale sites anyway at least for me, so you really cant go wrong with any of them:) Gold and Extreme more hardcore though, Japan and LB69 some hardcore but mostly solo, Japan has been getting more hardcore lately though, I dont find them as nasty as the Thai girls though.. but still hot as hot can be:)

    keep the chatter coming I dont mind positive or negative comments, its a review site i respect everyones thoughts:) Cheers

  11. wei says:

    Rubbish website. Must have paid a lot for reviews. Girls are ugly with a lot of make up. Very little hardcore videos.

  12. reviewman says:

    Not sure what site you are looking it but it can’t be Ladyboy Gold in My opinion
    1. I am never paid for any reviews myself so that is not true
    2. Many of the girls are very beautiful and some of them are superstars in the ladyboy world. Sure they have a few amateur ones as well but that is part of the charm, they have an whole amateur section to the site, all you have to do is look at the girls above and you can see the type of beauty they have
    3. Little Hardcore – I don’t see that at all, they have almost 200 Videos just for Hardcore, most are 15 min or more each ranging from lesbian, creampies, bareback, blowjobs, fetish and so much more, they even have a full bareback site as a bonus.
    4. I still think LAdyboy Gold Network is the best site out there for Ladyboys and will stick to it until I see otherwise, but the comments are all about users opinions and of course my own.

    Let me know what you want in a site that suits you and perhaps I can help you find something, otherwise will have to strongly disagree with your comment:) Thanks though and take care!

  13. Durban says:

    Just member! i’find a lot Beautiful lady boy and really superstar!
    i’ve visit other ladyboy’s sites! but i’think that ladyboy gold is one of
    the Better! By!

  14. admin says:

    great and yes I agree ladyboy gold is a great site, wide range of action, lots of content and updated lots!

  15. Jeffry says:

    I’ve been a member of your site more than once. It gets boring watching your cock. You need to have some Asian on Asian action male on shemale and shemale on shemale not just your boring cock all the time. otherwise it’s a decent site

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