Delia TS- Delia is a lovely transgender girl that has begun her transition from Crossdresser to Transsexual. She has long beautiful legs, an amazing ass and a great big cock under her panties. Besides cool photos and hot videos she also have live cam shows and spy cams through out her home. She loves to keep in touch with all her fans as well, a wonderful girl!
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DeliaTS Review

When I headed over to the pages of Delia TS, I was prepared for another solo transsexual site that was gonna be full of bells and whistles and a gorgeous tranny trying to impress the world. 
I was rocked off my feet by what I found, it wasn’t a normal cookie cutter site, this was a real transsexual and as I poked around her tour and her blog, I got a warm feeling that just wouldn’t leave.  This was a real person, not a hyped up star trying to turn you on, this was a living breathing lady trying to make changes and share her lifestyle with the world. As she states in her pages, yes there are nude photos, sex action, but more importantly it’s a site that follows her day to day life.
The member’s area for Delia TS was crafted with love, sweat and tears and it really shows that Delia and her pretty girlfriend care about the site and want you to come back over and over again.

I was impressed when I checked out Delia’s about me page.  Delia gives you an in-depth look into her psyche and explains that she was a cross dresser, but the more she has researched her feelings and soul she has decided that she wants to transition and has changed her site name to match her new epiphany.  Not only that, but this pretty transsexual wants to get to know more about who? YOU!  She has a questionnaire the first of its kind to my knowledge so that she can get to know her members better.  Amazing and wonderful.

By clicking on the videos link you can check out all the videos on DeliaTS and Delia CD, you will need to re-enter your user/pass to get into the CD site, but it’s a minor annoyance.   You will find each video has a nice description and you can watch these videos at 640x480 or 320x240 screen size in both wmv or mp4.

I loved the realism of these videos, you won’t find fancy backgrounds and fantasy bedrooms, but you will find real in your face action. Delia looks great on camera, and in the Christmas Cupcakes video, she reminds me of the sweet stay at home girl with a naughty trick up her sleeve, well in this case under her apron. There is lots of sexual action as well, her big cock is a pleasant surprise and she certainly loves to use it! Great cumshots and some hot sweaty action that any fan of amateur tgirls will enjoy!

The photo section also includes really nice long descriptions about the picture set, what was going through her mind, and how it all came to pass.  I love that, Delia really wants to make you feel at home, and she continue to do that over and over again.  I thought the thumbnails could be a bit bigger the 50x75 was a tad small to see, but the larger photos definitely made up for it.  The big pictures are 734px × 1100px and high quality of 1063px to 1600px and crystal clear.  

Unfortunately there is no zip features (Talked to Delia it will be added this week) but you can download each photo that you enjoy or sit back and watch the slide show of each set! You will find a nice mixture of teasing and flirty photos and videos along with some hardcore in your face sex that might blow your mind and of course your wad.

As I mentioned earlier Delia really wants you to enjoy her site and come back over and over again.  You can check out her blog, her transitions vblog *video blog* and you even get access to other sites that are a part of her network.  These include: Tasty Trixie, DeliaCD *her old site before her transition* AmberLily, Barefoot Kristy, Trixie’s Houseboy, Kris Madison and SpyonUs.  

These are all amateur sites that are maintained by them.  These are huge mega sites, so you won’t find all the bullshit and as Delia mentions, no shiny porn, but its real and that means a lot to most of us.
If you want to spend extra time with Delia check out the spy cams, and she has a weekly chat schedule where you can talk to her and just hang out.  If you want private one on one time you can check her out at several other webcam sites that she has in her members area for that personal touch.

Delia has 4 live cam shows per month as well, they are 1 hour long where you can chat with this sexy lady!

You can JOIN DELIA TS by either Credit Card or Online Check! The price to join is $24.95 USD for 30 days which is recurring, $32.95 for 40 days non recurring and then two more non recurring options of $60 dollars for 90 days or $99 dollars for 180 days which turns out to be a wicked deal.  Of course these prices are subject to change and all transactions are secure and will appear discreetly on your credit card bill as Starr Web Pr.

You can tell that Delia is real, and she has been through a lot in her lifetime, and she shares it with you in her blog, in her site and she has a sparkling personality that is addictive.
Her site is well created you can tell that they have spent a lot of time on design and thinking beyond design to what a member might really enjoy including that questionnaire to get to know everyone just a little bit better.

DeliaTS is fresh, thoughtful and well real.  You will want to get to know this pretty transgendered girl and you will enjoy all the time you spend inside learning about her.  You will find she is smart, sensitive and really loves to spend time with her girlfriend and everyone on the site! 

Yes, she is a wonderful girl but if you are just in the mood for porn you will also find her stroking a huge cock, playing with toys and even having sex with her girlfriend and other tgirls! Just remember she is a girl with a great heart but she is also a girl that loves to have some very naughty fun!

Thank you Delia for giving us a real person to enjoy, love and adore and not a plastic Barbie doll.

Thanks Again from the Delia TS Review!

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