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TS RockDolls
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TS Rockdolls is a very unique site featuring the exciting shemale Tempest.  Barbie's evil twin sister meets Clockwork Orange comes to mind when I first saw her content.  I will admit she will not be for everyone but for those that like their girls with a big cock and a Psychedelic edge she certainly brings that to the table.  It is no act either as she actually is a member of a Rock Band and plays in her bands HARSH REALITY & MERCY KILL.

Tempest brings a lot of her personality into her website with is refreshing to see.  Not just a bunch of photos and videos in a boring format but an exciting design, sets and wild outfits all make her something special.
  • No Bonus Sites Included
As with most sites the videos are the best part of TS Rockdolls.  Tempest has some wild rooms that she shoots her content in.  I am presuming it is her home and though the rooms are very cool and unique sometimes they are a little too busy and she is lost in all the colors.  However I do appreciate her effort to give us something different and you still get lots of views of her sexy body and big tranny dick.

You can download the films in MP4 or Windows Media Player Formats.  You can also watch the film using their online streaming player. It took me a couple minutes to realize you could even download the films.  The links are under the thumbnails and not with the actual big version of the video. The videos usually run from about 15 to 25 minutes.

The videos include but not limited to the following types of content:
  • Hardcore With Guys
  • Shemale Lesbians
  • Shemale Stroking
  • Wild Outfits and Sets
  • Blowjobs
  • Cumshots
  • Gasmasks
  • Roleplay
  • Much More
The photos are much like the videos.  She has some very unique sets but like I mentioned before all those colors sometimes she gets lost in the photo a little bit.  I still think they are pretty cool and her wild tastes are certainly fun and exciting to watch.  Took a couple minutes to get used to the photos as well as some of the sets open in a lightbox while others do not.

If you back out from the lightbox you are taken back to the main page.  It is a little clumsy but you get used to it after a couple of passes. There is a range to the number of photos per set.  Usually no less than 50 images with some sets well above the 100 image range.
  • No Full Mobile Version
  • MP4 files available
  • Bonus Section with her Rock Band - Photos, Videos
  • Unique Transsexual
  • Long Movies
  • Unique Design
  • No Mobile Version
  • Color Clash In Videos and Photos
  • No Dates On Content
  • No Rating or Comments
  • No Contact Information
You can JOIN TS ROCKDOLLS by either Credit Card or Online Check.  There will be no reference to a shemale porn site on your statement with only Premier Nevada appearing to protect your privacy.  The transaction is secure and private using CCBILL a trusted online billing provider.

You have three options when joining TS RockDolls:
  • About $26.50 USD for 30 Days Recurring
  • About $53 USD for 90 Days One Time Charge (Free Month)

These are the prices at the time of this review and may change in the future.  They may also change a bit depending on your location in the world and the exchange rate of the US Dollar.

TS Rockdolls features a very unique transsexual named Tempest.  Though she isn't your typical Barbie Shemale Model she certainly is very sexy, has a great big cock and has lots of fun attitude.  She is a real rocker chick with a wild side and if that appeals to you then I say come inside and check her out.

Yes I did mention that I find some of her content a little distracting because of all the wild backgrounds but that is also part of her personality you might not want to miss.  There are a couple navigation issues you have to get used to and I do wish she had dates associated with her content but all and all this site is fun and a welcome change to some of the boring solo sites out there.

I would recommend TS Rockdolls and hope you have enjoyed this review.


1. Content Quality = 82

2. Content Amount = 80

3. Updates to Site = 75

4. Navigation and Look = 82

5. Video Downloads = 80

6. Worth the price = 80

7. Mobile Abilities = Limited

8 Bareback Content = No

9. Bonus Sites = None

10 Final Score = 80


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