Michelle Austin

Michelle Austin
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Michelle Austin is a Texan Tgirl that now works out of Los Angeles on her own personal website.  I will admit this Transsexual might not be for everyone because of her voluptuous figure.  However, big can certainly be beautiful and Michelle Austin is here to prove that Tgirls just like her can be just as sexy.  I think it is fantastic that she is brave enough to put herself out there for the fans that really enjoy the larger girls, let's face it we all have our own tastes when it comes to sex and I am quite certain that Michelle has a strong following.

Her site also goes on to say that she will have BBW Tgirls and Gender Girls as featured models, she is proud of what she is and wants to show off not only her beautiful assets but others as well. She seems to update the site at least once a week and sometimes more with a video and photo set. Michelle also produces most of her content which is quite unique for a model to do.
  • There is no external bonus sites.  However each week a video and photo set is added to the site in the bonus section from other Grooby Sites. A mixture of American, Brazilian, Asian Shemale sets for all to enjoy.
As with any porn site these days the videos are key and Michelle does a pretty good job showing us some hot solo and hardcore action.  You can download the videos in High Windows Media Format, MP4 or use their streaming player to watch them online.  The videos usually range from about 10 to 15 minutes in length.  I will admit I don't think the quality is amazing for a lot of the videos, it gets the job down but I like to see a higher video quality in the future.

Most of the photo sets also come with a video shoot though a few do not.  I noticed there was not a video navigation button.  You either have to go through each shoot to make sure she has a video or you can use her search feature and just find all the videos that way.  I would like to see a video navigation button on the menu in the future as well.  You also have the ability to rate and comment on the overall scene.

The videos include but not limited to the following types of content:
  • Shemale Stroking
  • Dildo and Toys
  • Blowjobs
  • Hardcore
  • Threesomes
  • Balloons
  • Showering
  • Face Sitting
  • Tattoos
  • Lesbian Shemales
  • Threesomes
  • Cumshots
The photos have a mixture of high quality sets and what I would call good quality sets.  Some of the photos seem like they are shot with the movie camera which don't really have the same crispness and are a little blurry.  Saying that most of the photos do the job to get you excited.  You can view the photos online by clicking the thumbnails, watching the slideshow or downloading the whole set to your computer.  The sets range from about 75 to 125 images.
  • No Mobile Version but MP4 Videos for Download
  • Favorite section to store your personal top videos and photos
  • Access to her blog
  • Contact Info
  • Bonus Videos from other Grooby Tranny Sites
  • Unique Site
  • Bonus Video Section
  • Quality could be a little better
  • No Mobile Version
You can JOIN MICHELLE AUSTIN by either Credit Card or Online Check.  The transaction is processed through CCBILL an Online Trusted Company.  The process is also secure, private and no mention of a shemale site will appear on you credit card statement.  Only the term Millennium T will be shown on your statement.

The options to join are as follows:
  • $19.99 USD recurring per month
  • $39.99 USD recurring every 90 days (Best Deal - One Month Free)

These prices are at the time of this review and may change in the future.  Also depending on your location in the world they might also change due to exchange rates and so forth.

I will admit that personally I am not a voluptuous Tgirl Fan but I think Michelle has a good thing going here and think she should keep it up.  I found that some of her content got a rise out of me so that is a good sign she will do much more for the voluptuous fan.  Yes I will admit I found some of her content on the medium end of the quality scale but she does produce the site herself and I am sure it will improve as time goes on.  There is not a lot of Tgirls out there that do what she does and opening this site I give her a lot of respect. 

I will recommend this site in a second for those that agree with the famous saying that "Big is Beautiful" and in this case I could not agree more.  Good Luck Michelle and I hope to see much more of your content in the future!

Thank you from the Michelle Austin Shemale Review!


1. Content Quality = 75

2. Content Amount = 80

3. Updates to Site = 80

4. Navigation and Look = 78

5. Video Downloads = 82

6. Worth the price = 80

7. Mobile Abilities = Limited

8 Bareback Content = no

9. Bonus Sites = no

10 Final Score = 79


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