Mandy Mitchell Review

Mandy Mitchell Review
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Mandy Mitchell (Reviewed August 2010) is definitely someone you want to check out if you have a kinky side to you.  This cute raven haired transsexual may have a beautiful smile but she also has a very naughty side to her.  Her site has many of your typical shemale photos and movies of a solo girl but also has a huge fetish side to it as well.  If you are into Torture, Submission, Domination, Bondage and many other types of BDSM porn then you are going to love this Tgirl.

You will find her playing with Gender Girls, Guys and Transsexuals or a combination of the three.  She likes to push the limits and I was quite surprised by some of the photos and movie action I saw.  This site might not be for everyone but if you are into this roleplay kinky world I think she does a wonderful job.
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mandy mitchell
Mandy has a pretty impressive collection of movies available to you.  She breaks them down into sections.  You have the solo videos where this lovely girl is playing with herself, the hardcore section where she fucks and sucks guys, gender girls and other transsexuals and finally the Fetish side which has a wide range of Kink such as bondage, domination, latex, pregnant and so much more. She is definitely part of the fetish lifestyle and this isn't just staged videos, she knows a lot about this world and wants to share it with everyone.

Videos are usually around 20 minutes on average with a few being much higher.  You can download the films in Ipod format, QuickTime or 3 versions of Windows Media Files, from Low to High Quality.  There is no streaming option to watch the videos online presently.

There is a wide range of different types of videos, some examples are:

  • Solo Action
  • Cumshots
  • Blowjobs
  • Bondage
  • Domination
  • Submission
  • Punishment, Torture
  • Shemales Fucking with Guys
  • Shemales Fucking with Girls
  • Shemales Fucking Each Other
  • Costume Play
  • Goth
  • So Much More, I barely Scratched the Surface.
Mandy loves to take photos, the average size of a set is about 150 images but Mandy has many sets that go up to 300 photos!  You can view them online by clicking on the thumbnails or download the whole set via zip file.  Most of the photo sets go along with the video, there are some screen shots photo sets but the majority are taken with some skill and are pretty good quality.
  • Download movies Mobile/iPod Format
  • No Mobile Site Included but it is Coming!
  • Forums
  • Wide Range Of Fetish Fun
  • Contact Info
  • Great Fetish Transsexual Site
  • Forums, Comments, Rartings
  • Bonus Sites If Multi Option Selected
  • No Mobile Site Included
  • No Online Streaming Movie Player
There are a couple ways to JOIN MANDY MITCHELL

  • $24.95 USD  per month recurring
  • $74.95 USD for 180 day membership
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  • Multi Site Pass Option is $35 USD per month recurring
You can join via credit card, phone or Eurodebit. All purchases are secure and private and only the term CCbill will appear on your month statement. Of course these are the prices during the creation of this review and they are subject to change.
Mandy Mitchell has a wonderful site and if you have a kinky side to you then you are surely going to fall in love.  Mandy is involved in so much kinky play I can't even list all the different types.  Bondage, Domination, Punishment, Cages, Ass Play, Slaves and the list goes on and on.  I do believe Mandy is a very sweet girl, just has a strong kinky side, nothing wrong with that and I am proud to recommend this site to anyone that has an open mind.  Of course the site is not all about the kink, she has regular hardcore and solo action too and a lot of it. 

You can tell that Mandy wanted to incorporate her lifestyle into her site and she has done a great job in doing so. She has a lot of friends dropping by including girls, guys and other Transsexuals for all sorts of naughty play.  She is cute, sexy and very naughty, a great combination and worth a look see.


1. Content Quality = 85

2. Content Amount = 89

3. Updates to Site = 88

4. Navigation and Look = 86

5. Video Downloads = 87

6. Worth the price = 88

7. Mobile Abilities = limited

8 Bareback Content = none

9. Bonus Sites = 15 if Multi

10 Final Score = 87


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