Interracial Tgirl Sex

Interracial Tgirl Sex
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Interracial Tgirl Sex is a site that was originally developed by Wendy Williams a very famous and well known Shemale Porn Star.  The concept is quite obvious as dark skinned individuals have sex with light skinned individuals or as some might say black and white. The sexual action can go both ways as well as sometimes the person fucking is white and the person taking the cock is black and vice versa.

Personally I just like sex and really don't care about the color of someone‚Äôs skin but I do realize that it brings out more of a sexual charge in some people and that is just great.  So if you are a fan of either shemale sex, shemale interracial sex or both then stop on in and take a look!
When you join Interracial Tgirl Sex you also get bonus access to Wendy Williams Porn Site.  If you think Wendy is hot then it is a great bonus.  If you don't think she is for you then you should also know that she has many tranny girlfriends in the site that also have some hot content so you can pick and choose.

wendy williams

There is now an even better deal.  If you join the SMC Network you not only get access to the two sites mentioned above but 6 more and growing.  Join through the SMC Network Review I created by clicking on the banner below.

smc network
The videos are obviously the best part of the site.  They have a nice collection of interracial action and most new movies can be downloaded in 3 different quality formats, iPod or the ability to watch them online with their streaming player.  I won't say it is the best quality or movies I have seen but they do the job and keep what is in my pants excited enough to enjoy it. 

You also get a number of Wendy William's movies as well, she really seems to enjoy dark cock and even though I personally don't find her sexy I do find her lust for cock entertaining.

Personally when I think of interracial sex I don't think of solo shemales or dark skinned Brazilians.  Some of the sets have just solo girls stroking and I am not sure what is interracial about that.  Also some of the sets have dark skinned Brazilians which I don't really consider black but that would have to be a personal judgment call.

The videos included but are not limited to the following types of content:

  • Interracial Sex
  • Blowjobs
  • Facials
  • Bareback (not lots)
  • American, UK, Brazilian Shemales
  • Outfits such as Nurses
  • Roleplay
  • Toys and Dildos
  • Group Sex
  • Much More
The photos offer a combination of Solo, Hardcore, Facials and Blowjob images.  Most sets consist of about 120 images on average and can be viewed online or downloaded in zip format.  The quality of the newer images is a lot better than the older sets and I also found a few of the sets had very small images but that was only a select few.
  • No Full Mobile Version
  • 1 Bonus Site
  • Forum and Model Index
  • Contact Info for Wendy Williams
  • iPod Videos
  • Bonus Site
  • Good Selection of Content
  • No Full Mobile Version
  • Interracial includes dark skin Brazilians as well, might not seem interracial to hardcore fans
  • Some photos a little on the small side but mostly from older sets
You can JOIN INTERRACIAL TGIRL SEX by Credit Card or by Billing your Phone(USA Only).  The transaction is doneby either EPOCH or CCBill which are both trusted online providers.  Also the names of the companies will appear on your Credit Card statement and no reference to a Shemale site for your privacy.

The options to join the site are as follows:

  • $35 USD Per Month if you join through the SMC Network Review (Total 8 Sites, Best Deal)
  • $29.95 USD Per month Recurring each month until canceled
  • $75 USD for 90 Days Only Billed Once
  • $99 USD for 180 Days Only Billed Once
Of course these are the prices at the time of this review and may change in the future.
Interracial Tgirl Sex in my opinion is a pretty good deal as the site does update on a regular basis, they have a good amount of content and also the access to a bonus site does make this site a nice option.  They have a model index, support section, contact Wendy Williams and even a forum though not that busy.  The movies and photos on average are good though not mind blowing.

For those that see interracial sex as pure black heritage with pure white heritage and I am not trying to sound racist here, then you might be disappointed in some of the sets.  The site mixes in dark skin Brazilian Shemales and also has a lot of solo sets which might not be how everyone sees interracial content.  Personally I like it all no matter where one is from as long as the shemale is sexy then I am on board but I do understand the concept and for those hardcore interracial fans it is something I wanted to let you know about. 

Thank You from the Interracial Tgirl Sex Review!


1. Content Quality = 80

2. Content Amount = 82

3. Updates to Site = 82

4. Navigation and Look = 80

5. Video Downloads = 80

6. Worth the price = 84

7. Mobile Abilities = Limited

8 Bareback Content = Little

9. Bonus Sites = 1

10 Final Score = 81


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