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Asian TS Review. Just Scroll Past The Free Content From Asian TS. I Hand Picked Some Hot Content From The Site!

Asian TS Review
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Asian TS

Sample of the Hot Videos Inside the Site

Overview of ASIAN TS
March 2012 UPDATE: I been meaning to update this review and I am sorry for the time it took. This site has not updated for quite sometime and I am afraid if you are looking for fresh content it is probably not worth you while. If you do like the content you see above then it might be worth it for one month. You could go in and enjoy what they have and then cancel. They do have lots of past content, but fresh stuff is no longer available. As you might have noticed I rated it quite low on my Asian Ladyboy List. Thanks to the surfer who reminded me on this site, it is much appreciated. I will not do a re review for this site unless it changes to be better in the future

Well if you are a fan of the Ladyboy then you are sure to really enjoy this site. The site focuses mainly on beautiful Ladyboys or Kathoey Girls as they are also sometimes known. In either case very lovely exotic girls you are sure to find inside this site. I have to admit the tour page didn’t exactly sell me (Update: They have worked on the tour page. Looking much better) but once inside I was blown away with the amazing content that the creators of this site have collected over the past 5 years. This site pretty much has all the Ladyboys you can ask for. Solo Girls, Lesbian Girls, Girls with Ladyboys and of course Ladyboys with Guys. They have a huge collection of girls with about 605 Different ladyboys in 1315 galleries that are increasing frequently. Over 3400 Movie clips and over 100 hardcore galleries and videos as well. That being said most of the galleries are solo girls but there is still a large collection of hardcore fun.

Asian TS has a huge database of girls and the photos and videos are very hot. Almost every month you are going to get about 25 new photo sets with material you have never seen before, you are also going to get about 40 to 65 video clips that is also exclusive. The photosets usually have more the 100 images per set and the videos are broken up into clips. The videos only seem to be in wmv format but the quality is very impressive. The videos come in very clear and the sound is amazing. Unfortunately you can’t seem to download a whole photo set at once, just photo by photo but the content is so amazing and much better then many Asian sites I have seen I can look past it. Hopefully this will change though in the future. The Download speed is very fast. It is obvious that they have a great connection and servers available to them.

A Detailed breakdown of Asian TS

1. Home Page – This section shows you listing of all the galleries broken down into the year at the top and the months below it. This way you can instantly see what Videos and Galleries have been added each month. The galleries are named by the Ladyboy’s name. You just click on the month and you are taken to a number of thumbnails for all the sets that month. There are a lot of them so you are going to need a lot of time. You don’t have to wait to the end of the month for the updates; they are adding girls frequently throughout the month for your enjoyment.

2. Model Locator – Probably my favorite feature of the site. This section lists all the girls in alphabetical order. Showing a thumbnail, the name of the girl, and the date it was posted. If the girl has more then one set then she will also have more then one thumbnail. The listing is huge and you will be very surprised by the number of beautiful girls that this site has.

3. ATS Tourism – This section focuses on finding these beautiful girls if you ever enter Asia. All the hot spots are mentioned in major areas such as Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore and more. A great feature if you are planning at trip to Asia and you are hoping to meet up with one of these lovely ladies.

4. Model Video – Of course you couldn’t have a site without videos these days. The videos are broken up in a number of clips you can download. You can’t seem to download the whole movie at once but rather each individual clip. The video format of wmv seems to be your only option as well. I am not going to lie; I wish the videos could be combined into one huge file. However, the video content is very hot. The quality is very clear, the sounds the girls make are amazing, they don’t sound like they are faking but are really enjoying themselves. The camera angles are very well done with hot close ups, Lesbian scenes, hardcore and of course wet cumshots.

5. AsianTS Forums – This section is quite impressive. Its a amazing forum that touches many areas such as the lastest news , a picture post area, a trip reports area, travel information, Ladyboy Locator if you can’t find a particular girl that you like, Calendars, events, games and so much more. Basically anything Ladyboy you will find here. Lots of members are here talking about discussing their favorite girls, putting up their favorite images and so much more. The forum is quite alive with activity.

6. Contact Us – This section is to send the webmasters support questions. If you are having issues or need help the staff is more then happy to assist.

SUMMARY of Asian TS Review

Well here we are at the end of the review. I really hoped you enjoyed it and it gives you a better understanding of the site. To sum up I really believe that Asian TS is an excellent site if you are a true ladyboy fan. The webmasters really seem to care about their customers. They create excellent galleries and videos of hot sexy scenes and the amount of different girls is quite amazing. They have so many girls I have never seen before and personally I found at least 95% of them very hot. You think to yourself that you are not going to find a hotter Ladyboy then this, you click on the next page and you are proven wrong with another girl that gets you excited. It is true that I wish I had the option to download full gallery sets and full video at once, but since the girls are so incredible I can look past it and download what I want in sections.

This is a professional site and it looks like it will be around for a long time. The webmasters are dedicated into providing you sexy horny content and by the looks of their 5 years of being online they are showing no signs of slowing down the production of beautiful ladyboys. Of course they respect their customers and keep all your information private and secure.

You can join by credit card, bank account and US Check. Right now the price is $29.95 a month which is recurring every 30 days. You also have the option to purchase a VIP membership which is $99.95 Dollars for the whole year and does not rebill. That works out to just a little over 8 dollars a month. Obviously a better deal if you can put a little more money up front. Of course you can cancel a recurring membership if you want to and the transcations are done through CC BILL a trusted and well known transaction company. Your card is billed as *tsa888-5969279 Az so you will not have to worry about seeing Ladyboy or something like that on your card statement. They respect your privacy.

Content Quality 7.0/10
Content Amount 7.5/10
Updates to Site 1.0/10
Navigation and Look 6.5/10
Worth the price 6.0/10
Video Downloads 7/10
Would I renew 2.0/10

Average 52/100 for 52%

If you are interested in checking them out then click on this sweet Natti below and see what this site has to offer. You will not be disappointed. Have Fun and hope you enjoyed the Asian TS Review!

Asian TS Review

11 Responses to ASIAN TS REVIEW

  1. john dokes says:

    I first joined back in 2003 and was the first ladyboy pay site i ever joined and i became hooked an couldn’t beleive the amount of quality girls going. Back in the old days the ladyboy forums was a part of the website and the site owner was always there to discuss and get feed back from the customers but ownership changed hands in 07/08 i think and i had rejoined around this time to find the year of 2005 pics and movies all gone. So i emailed the support who basically said they had all been corrupted so had to be removed which was bullshit as in late 2008 and throught out 2009 they began to use these olds sets and release them as supposed new content. An when that ran out they went onto 2006 content. I haven’t been a member for a few months but can only imgagine they have done 2007 as well and haven’t posted any real new content in over a year.

  2. reviewman says:

    I would agree, Asian TS has kind of gone down hill lately. I plan to review it soon, as you can see the review I have for it is a little old, just not a site I am dying to review again.

  3. jim duncan says:

    haven’t had a new video or pic in over four years come on downgrade the site or put up a disclaimer they dont deserve a highrating from you or anyone.. it just makes all the other reviews suspect

  4. reviewman says:

    You are correct, I be meaning on re review this site for some time now, I will get on it this week.. It should and will have a lower rating, thanks for the reminder

  5. reviewman says:

    its also probably why its on my very old review page, as you can see most of my newer reviews look so much better then this

  6. reviewman says:

    Any finally I also put it very low on the top asian ladyboy sites, if you click on that section it is very close to the bottom, but you are correct needs a new score update and a blurb about the lack of updates.

  7. emily church says:

    Hi,I realy cant rate this site high enough! i joined in about 2005 and found Moo, Lala, Tina and all the other gorgeous girls but at the time my favourite girl was missing :( however i enquired about her and they told me she had left the site for personal reasons! but! and how good of them is this, they put her pics back online for 3 days under emilys gallery just for me!!! AsianTS i love

  8. admin says:

    Asian TS has a lot of content but it is older content. Does that mean it is bad, of course not. There is some very sexy girls in both hardcore and solo action. However the site is dated, they don’t have big HD videos or update very often any more, if you are looking for fresh new content then probably not the best site to check out… I mentioned that joining for a month and getting all the goods was the best idea and until they decide to bring in new content and update more will stick to that, thanks for the comment

  9. André says:

    I am very disappointed by Asian TS
    2007 and 2010 I was a member for a year. I have renewed membership this year and must state the only old is set to the side that membership in 2013 was a flop

  10. admin says:

    yes the site no longer updates that is why I never bothered to do a re review of it. As I stated in the above review it is only worth joining for one month if you like the content you see, after that you will have no updates so no sense to continue on. To bad but sites that have full stolen movies have killed a lot of sites like this, they just can’t compete with all the pirates :(

  11. Captain Kirk says: was always a lousy site started by a scumbag owner
    who did his best, over the years, to conceal his true identity
    and blatantly lie about “change of ownership (a few years back).
    There has been no updated content for SEVEN years running, but
    still exists, to rip off newbies.

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